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SSTM® Manual Handling Training

Injury prevention is at the heart of your Manual Handling skills
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Achieve your KPI’s

Tackle what is causing your injuries at work. Identify target high risk tasks. Know what body parts are most injured then use trained health professionals to explore body risks factors as well as technique flaws.

Practical training programs can then be tailored to target these issues:

  • Awkward positions
  • Manual handling technique
  • Repetition
  • Behaviour
  • Duration
  • Force
  • Vibration

Once you have determined causes you can then incorporate practical SSTM® Injury Prevention strategy into manual handling as culture.

Typewriter Manual Handling

When designing your tailored manual handling program it’s important to think outcomes at the beginning.


Before sharing strategies to empower staff as well as achieve training approval ratings of 99.2%* there are extremely important guidelines we suggest you follow.

  1. Ensure compliance: Make sure your program is modelled on the Hazardous Manual Tasks Code of Practice (2011).
  2. Think Culture: You’re training your people to empower them as well as achieve KPI’s. Manual handling is fun when you’re helping staff for work AND life. Create a culture of injury prevention that lives beyond compliance day.
  3. Get more out of manual handling: Tailor your practical assessments, include all concerns. Use health professionals to access body management SSTM® strategy used by elite sport programs. Target task technique to prevent injury at all points.

Manual handling used to be boring. This is what our people say about SSTM® Manual Handling Training:

“Everything was awesome.”

“Excellent session!

“Great course!

“Delivered in a very interesting manner that was extremely engaging”

“Found this personally helpful and has given me some tools to apply in my life”

“Really enjoyed it. Could do this/learn for another hour at least”

“Extremely informative” 

“Very enjoyable and thought provoking”

“Very informative and knowledgeable, enjoyed the class” 


“Great course”

“Thank you for your time”


“Great information.”

*Based on feedback rating as per Work Injury Free standardised formal feedback questionnaire 

Thanks for letting us help you. If you need further information with SSTM® Manual Handling Training programs contact us at or submit a form on our Contact Us page.

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