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Pre Employment Assessments Done Right

The smartest way to do pre employment assessments is to match the potential employee’s physical capabilities to the specific requirements of the job.

That way it’s win win for the person as well as the employer.

  • The organisation is happy because it objectively knows the employee is physically capable of completing the tasks
  • The employee is not put in a position where they have to do work they can’t tolerate or worse leads to an injury

Interestingly additional research in 2013 shows that staff who scored less than maximum on specific assessments were 1.7 times more likely to suffer an injury. After 1.3 years this figure increased to these staff being 5.8 times more likely to suffer a lower back injury from lifting. (Legge, Burgess-Limerick & Peters, 2013).


When implementing your pre employment strategy it’s essential to look at different work tasks involved in the job. By knowing this information, assessment tools can be tailored to accurately determine that a person is suitable for the role and prevent injuries from day one. Keep specific requirements in mind when choosing a provider:

  1. All physical assessments should be job specific. That way they are specific to your organisation and can be accurate predictors of injury risk factors.
  2. Make sure your reporting is clear, understandable and on time. Work Injury Free reporting is comprehensive, validated, completed and back to you within 24hrs or it’s FREE.
  3. Think injury prevention from day one. It is possible to incorporate introduction to SSTM® Injury Prevention as culture from the start.

In addition to the physical components of the the Pre Employment Assessment Work Injury Free can assist with additional testing including:

  • Drug and alcohol testing (instant)
  • Medical Assessments
  • Audiometry
  • Spirometry

Thanks for letting us help you. If you need further assistance with your Pre Employment Physical Assessments or to book a time contact us at or submit a form on our Contact Us page.

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