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SSTM® Onsite Physiotherapy At Your Workplace

Smart Onsite Physio Strategies

Onsite physio is part of an ‘Injury Prevention Way of Life’. Your people are treated proactively and taught individualised SSTM® Injury Prevention programs as culture.

  • The organisation benefits through injury reduction (KPI’S) that transfer value to your bottom line
  • Your people are happy because they get help as well as being empowered and can share skills and information to help their families as well
  • Long term SSTM® Injury Prevention Culture becomes company culture, introduced day one and reinforced ongoing
Typewriter Onsight Physio

Onsite physio is something we have been doing at Work Injury Free since starting. We get best results when our training systems are strong. In BL world, our experienced physios complete a formal SSTM® Treatment Course and commence treating in clinic. They are then trained as SSTM® Injury Prevention instructors and deliver programs state wide to national as well as international organisations. Only then are they ready to provide SSTM® Onsite Physio services.


  1. Always use a value based approach —The best medical institutions the world over now use a ‘value based approach’ to achieve best results. This means outcomes for every person are measured and examined to determine best practice. Body Leadership use the ‘value based’ methodology with all corporate as well as personal clientele.
  2. Think total program – Remember you want to achieve more than just treating staff onsite. Think of your current goals, your injury prevention strategy, your KPI’s and the culture you want to create long term then work backwards from there.
  3. Reporting is paramount – Your onsite physio statistics will guide strategy moving forward. Make sure you have access to that forward feedback loop. Get daily, weekly and quarterly reports and sit down regularly to discuss programs as well as value based outcomes.
  4. Save money by doing Pre Employment Assessments in house – Don’t pay for musculoskeletal assessments when you can get them done as part of onsite physio at a fraction of the cost. Make sure you get access to a tailored, evidence based approach. To save even more money just ask us how.
  5. Remember, injury prevention is key – Best outcome for everyone is DON’T GET INJURED…EVER! So for your goals (safety culture, team morale, KPI’s), injury prevention is always priority. Incorporate SSTM® Injury Prevention into all aspects of Onsite Physio, treatment, toolbox talks, pre-employment assessments, task analysis, ergonomic assessments, the list goes on.

Remember “Injury Prevention is a Way of Life”. It can be yours too.

Thanks for letting us help you. If you need further information regarding SSTM® Onsite Physio programs contact us at or submit a form on our Contact Us page.

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