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The latest national injury stats for 2016/17 are out and I thought I’d go through some quick injury facts to understand what’s happening to your people, and how to help.

Firstly, there were 106,260 serious claims* (staff off for one working week or more).

Median compensation was $11,500, (that’s median, not average which would be a lot higher).

So what is the #1 Cause of Injuries? It’s ‘BODY STRESSING’, at 38%!

But what is body stressing? Basically it’s the most common source of aches and pains at work. It’s often hard to name the specific cause but they’re due to a combination body mechanics, the work flow/setup and are also affected by psychosocial elements. So to stop them we need to understand how sprains and strains occur including overuse injuries. With this expert knowledge you can fight injuries at their source… Know thy enemy! 😉

#2 Slips, Trips and Falls

These make up 24% of serious claims. This figure surprised me! From a body perspective, these can be simple to prevent. The quad muscles above the knee get weak because of how we walk. Interestingly, this is made worse with steel cap boots, but it means that when we step on something, uneven ground, the lip of a doorway, whatever, we can go over. If you know your weak points, it’s the simplest thing in the world to decrease risk. Information is always key.

#3 Being hit by stuff! (Moving objects) caused 16% of serious claims. Got to stay alert! These can be fatal so you want elimination and design controls in place as priority and have your people thinking safety at all times.

#4 Hitting stuff! (Objects) with a part of the body made up 8%.

I’ve seen staff belting a stiff tray handle on their truck with an open palm to open it. It’s so simple to just use a tool! Or just spray it withWD40! Design controls are key but your people should also know how to ease tension in a hand to free it up just in case they mistakenly push the limits too far. At least they can usually pull it back.

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So if you add up the causes of incidents involving the body (eliminating getting hit by stuff), then 62% of all serious injuries are physically related. Mental stress is actually #5 and makes up 6%. Research shows these injuries strongly correlate with musculoskeletal symptoms so the issue here is massive! 69,536 body-related serious injuries at $11,500 median cost. It’s going to total well over $800,000,000!

So What’s The Solution?

We need to become experts on the human body. Empower yourself and your people to understand the way we tighten and how we progress towards injury. If you understand that process, then you can easily prevent injury while staying fit and healthy for life. I love doing this stuff! It’s been my lifes work and I’ll try to help you out with info however I can!

Ask Me Your Questions

If you have anybody or injury questions send them through to me at and I’ll answer them here so everyone can benefit. If you want to talk specifics feel free to call and we can chat it through privately.

Paul Trevethan

Physio – Director Work Injury Free

Remember “Injury Prevention is a Way of Life”. To contact us email: or call 07 3847 8040

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